Department of civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is the oldest branch of engineering which is growing right from the stone age of civilization. It is considered as the first discipline of the various branches of engineering after Military Engineering.

Civil Engineering includes the designing, planning, construction, and maintenance of the infrastructure. Civil Engineers have vast scope as their work involve roads, bridges, buildings, dams, canals, water supply and numerous other facilities that affect the life of human beings. Civil Engineering is intimately associated with the private and public sectors, including the individual homeowners and international enterprises.

For a Civil Engineer, materials form the basis of what an engineer do, understanding material properties can help them make design decisions. To equip the graduates with answer to such practical question and the department of Civil Engineering has following under mentioned labs.

Department of civil Engineering has following well-equipped laboratories

- Building Materials Lab

- Structural Analysis Lab

- Building Planning & Drawing

- Transportation Lab

- CAD Lab (Civil Engineering)

- Environmental Engineering Lab


- Fluid Mechanics Lab

- Hydraulics & Machine Lab

- Geotechnical Engineering Lab

- Geo-Informatics Lab

- Surveying Lab

- Structural Detailing Lab

JP Education trust was established in the year 1993 under the dynamic leadership of Shri Jai Prakash Agarwal and Dr. Hariom Agarwal.

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