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In JPIET, apart from the regular meal of technical knowledge we boost our student's health by giving them an extra supplementary. We make their career feast rich and nutritious by adding trainings like soft-skills, personality development, spoken English and business communication to it.

This well-to-do blend of hard and soft-skills by the veterans of academics and connoisseurs of industry carrying varied experience nurture the upcoming engineers so well that they are more renowned as experts in the corporate world than mere novices or fresher. Their proficiency is vouched by and their competence speaks volumes about their uprooting process.

To achieve this level they go through a rigorous and pain-staking training process which starts at the very budding stage i.e. in the first year, In the initial stages, we focus on motivating and giving direction to otherwise distracted or indolent youth. Parallel to this, communication classes are conducted as a part of academic curriculum. This way, the chiseling process starts. Motivational sessions by eminent personalities of the industry and thought-provoking sessions by internal facilitators help students choose a direction for themselves and hold light to their career. Business communication becomes the easy platform on which they stand and see the options available in front of them. None of these happen through lectures or theory classes but in either fully-equipped audio-video labs or interactive and fun-learning classroom sessions.

JP Education trust was established in the year 1993 under the dynamic leadership of Shri Jai Prakash Agarwal and Dr. Hariom Agarwal.

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